Storing the Beans

As a coffee aficionado, I take great pride in taking care of things from head to toe, which extends to the storage of the coffee beans I invest so much time in. if you want to truly have great coffee every morning, you have to invest in not only buying great coffee beans but storing them as well. If you’re the type of person that pays up to $20 for a bag of couture beans, then you’d better be able to properly store them. It goes without saying that the better the beans, the more flavorful the coffee. Beans don’t always keep as long as promised, and there is also the option to freeze them to prevent staleness.

coffee beans

For quality cups of coffee, you may want to refrigerate them for the best taste possible. Most people don’t realize that coffee beans are the first and best vessel in protecting the quality of coffee. Once the beans have been broken, the coffee quickly oxidizes. You will want to grind the beans right before brewing for a livelier cup. When it comes to top-rated coffees, that is essentially what you are paying for.


Optimally, coffee needs about two days to rest once it has been roasted, akin to letting a fine wine breathe before tasting it. Lots of gas gets trapped up in coffee, making these two days necessary. But for espresso, up to five days rest are needed, plus a bit of additional salt because of the release of carbon dioxide. Depending on the way beans are packaged, they will stay more flavorful for longer, but only for about a week or it starts to get a bit stale. Coffee that comes in a plastic container can be stored away in a cupboard at room temperature and away from the light.


One of the most important things to avoid – if you can – is placing your coffee in the freezer or refrigerator. In this way, coffee is a bit similar to bread as it doesn’t taste as good once frozen. Plus, the coffee changes cell structure and will absorb aromatics around it. That means if you place it next to garlic, don’t be surprised if your coffee clinches a bit of that flavor. That’s not exactly the flavor you want to drink early in the morning, if at all. And if you place coffee in the fridge, it ages even faster. But if you absolutely have no choice, ensure that the bags are properly sealed and also unopened.

coffee jar

Before drinking, leave the beans out at room temperature. Another way to extend the life of coffee beans is to use them in a cold brew that will taste better than a heated version. My recommendation is to buy smaller sized coffees in containers that are airtight and stored at room temperature. Or the other alternative is to drink up all that coffee really quickly. Because at the end of the day, coffee doesn’t wait for anyone.

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